What advantages does InstaTrike offer over other trike systems?

Priced thousands less, InstaTrike offers all of the advantages and stability of a conventional trike while completely conserving your motorcycle and giving a smooth stable ride.


  • Very fast installation and removal for the trike or bike experience.
  • No modification to stock motorcycle frame or drivetrain.
  • Completely removable for easier resale of motorcycle.
  • No loss of ground clearance.
  • Independent wheel suspension and adjustability.
  • Flat stable cornering.
  • Trike stability with much smoother ride.
  • Full access to stock saddlebags.
  • Easily installed by the consumer.
  • Available for over 100 makes and models of motorcycles.
  • Minimal impact on fuel economy.
  • Available in standard 8 inch wheel or deluxe 12 Aluminum wheel package.

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With 8″ Wheels $3,199.00
With 12″ Wheels $3,899.00

Insta-Trike B
With 8″ Wheels $2,899.00
With 12″ Wheels $3,599.00

Mini Trike
With 8″ Wheels $2,699.00
With 12″ Wheels $3,399.00

Micro Mini
With 8″ Wheels Only $1,495.00

Modified Mini
With 12″ Wheels Only $3,599.00


Freight charges starting at $224.00 –  Installation starting at $200.00 –  Plus Tax.


“Electric Reverse Assist $395w/ kit purchase, $495 if purchased separately. Available for all Insta-trike and Mini Trike Kits w/12″ wheels.”

Information about the Electric Reverse Assist?

  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Replaces entire left axle.
  • Allows reverse movement of the motorcycle to help in getting around in tight places.
  • System must be used while standing to the side of the vehicle.
  • Attaches to the motorcycle battery post.
  • Motorcycle does not have to be turned on for the the Insta-Drive to operate.
  • When engaged, the drive system moves at a maximum of 20ft/minute to allow the rider full control of the vehicle.
  • Some motorcycles may require minor trimming of the fender for clearance.


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